Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve totally got the Super Bowl munchies this week.

I lie.  Reality is, I’m snacky all the time.  I could always eat some cheese and crackers or a little bowl of Chex mix.  But Super Bowl season really makes me want things like this:

 That, my friends, is Guinness Cheese Dip.  Wow.

And who doesn’t love bacon wrapped around everything in life?  Potatoes, here.  Mmm.

And let’s not forget eggrolls.  More specifically, buffalo chicken egg rolls.  I can’t handle spicey, but I do love me some good boneless wings.  Add eggroll wrappers, and we have ourselves a party!

Speaking of party, it’s a good thing our friend Micah is throwing one.  I need to watch the commercials, and eat some snacks, of course.

Recipes courtesy of The Gallery Gourmet, Iowa Girl Eats and Bless This Food.

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