telling stories

A few weeks ago I got to interview a woman that attends our church. I do a couple of interviews each month and typically go into them knowing the story I’m looking for. A specific experience with a group, or a certain angle on a situation – I’ve developed strategies for asking natural-seeming questions to get the story arc I want.

We’ve been working on a video piece to accompany a sermon on The Land Between from Numbers 11, one that tells the story of a person in the midst of the land between. It’s not a happy place, that land. It’s generally one ripe with complaints and emotional meltdown, but it’s also one where God can work the most powerfully.

I didn’t know much about her going into this interview; I had no idea where this story would arc, so I just had to trust God to direct this one. Her story is that of a childhood sexual abuse victim who was never taught to deal with what happened to her, who tangled herself in a web of lies and self-destructive behavior as an adult, who spent many years of her life wandering looking for only God knows what. But along the way, in the midst of the wandering, God was working in big ways. She landed in a career networking group at church and she found Jesus. She found truth. And she told her own story perfectly, with choice, precise words and with a gut-wrenching level of vulnerability. I was honored that she trusted me with her story.

We’re telling this story anonymously, so wanted some pretty b-roll to cover up some of the shots, places where her face would normally be seen. Our video guys took me out to a dirt road outside of Omaha at dusk one evening to capture the wandering of her story. It was a gorgeous Indian-Winter January evening. The road and fields we were on (sorry, Farmer) will play as desolate and lonely as we need them to in the video, but standing out in the middle of nowhere Nebraska in real life, the wind blowing my hair and my eyes squinting against the warm sun, with the sky wide open, I couldn’t help but sense just how vast the love of God really is, just how perfectly He wrote the big story.

Gorgeous, right? That sky is so yummy, and I just love those fence posts.

This is a frame Mark grabbed from some of the footage they shot. Love the lighting.


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