in the company of friends

Chad and I are helping launch a new Journey Group at CCC for young marrieds.  Our original thought was that the group would largely be comprised of people we knew as singles who are now married.  However, the 7 couples we ended up with at our house last night were all people we’d never met before.  After the requisite awkward “go around the circle and say your names” thing we hashed out all the details of where/when the group would meet.  

The process of making new friends is always kind of overwhelming for me.  How do you go from “where do you work again?” and “what’s your husband’s name?” to the “OMG I can’t believe I haven’t told you about…” and real and hard stuff of life and faith and marriage?  It just takes time, I know.  But I get sorta impatient sometimes.  Imagine that.

Regardless, I’m excited about the group and can’t wait to see how we learn and grow together. 

2 thoughts on “in the company of friends

  1. Josh Burton

    I think the best thing you and Chad can do as “leaders” is model vulnerability and honesty in how you share, live out, and speak about your marriage experience with your group. If the others find your group to be a place of comfort, humility, joy, and witness your earnest seeking to deepen your own marriage relationship, hopefully they will share in that quickly. Prayers for your new friendships! Love, Sar

  2. Jaime Schechter

    I know how you feel. It took me so long to make close friends when we moved to Ohio and I remember those first few meetings of our small group (also young marrieds) and how awkward and shallow it was! We’ve been going strong for 5 years now and they are some of my best friends and the stuff we share now . . . whoo! We’re now overflowing with kids too. Started with none and now there’s anywhere from 5 to 20 kids that may come (childcare provided) to the group. 🙂


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