Reading: The Help

I started 2012 with a goal to read at least one book each month.  I even wrote it on my Personal Growth Plan and turned it in to my boss. My mother-in-law (still can’t believe I have one) had a copy of The Help, and I’d been wanting to read it ever since it was a best-selling book club hit, so I dug in shortly after New Year’s.

On page 3, I realized this was a book I could have read straight through.  I haven’t enjoyed a novel that much in years.  It was simply delicious.  I somehow resisted the urge to read through dinner or stay up late at night, choosing instead to spend time with my new husband, knowing the book could wait until Chad was doing other things.  It was hard.

So instead of a marathon session, reading The Help stretched over two weeks, until I happened to finish the book on MLK, Jr. Day.  I turned on the TV later that evening and saw part of a documentary with footage of King dreaming.  It felt a little more real than that speech usually does for me.  The characters, the story, had really come to life for me.

While Chad was traveling last week, I took the opportunity to Red Box the movie.  I had heard that it wasn’t as good as the movie, and I have to agree.  The screen play adaptation was fairly good, I thought, and it was shot beautifully.  But something about the movie – maybe the actresses, maybe the directing, something just felt lacking.  Even though I had been expecting it, I was disappointed to be disappointed.

I was, however, happy to see the movie be nominated for Best Picture this morning with the Academy.  It’s a beautiful, important story and well-deserving of the nod.

So that was Book 1 of hopefully many more.  Any suggestions for Book 2?

2 thoughts on “Reading: The Help

  1. Becca Olson

    What type of book are you looking for? I just read Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Piccoult…I thought it was pretty good.


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