Six-point-five percent

It feels like slow progress, but it’s better than the one percent I was at the last time I counted.

Goal 1 and Goal 2 have been going swimmingly thus far.  It’s so much easier to keep up with things with Chad there beside me, encouraging me and keeping me accountable.  I’ve really enjoyed reading scripture each day and there’s enough conversation about it at work and with some of our friends who are reading along to help keep it interesting.  I’ve only missed one scheduled day at the gym (Chad was traveling and it was impossibly difficult to climb out of bed into the cold dark morning without him.) and I’ve been pleased with the results I’ve seen.  Shocker, right?  Regular Gym Attendance really does equal Positive Body Change.  Who knew? I’ll start some sort of Couch to 5K program in February.

Goal 4 got kicked off this weekend, when we had our Emerge leadership team over for lunch.  I cleaned the bathroom, Chad put the extra leaf in the dining room table, I threw a table cloth on it to protect the wood (somehow we chose dishes with terribly scratchy bottoms that wreak havoc on our dining table.  Sad.) and I even busted out some real serving dishes, not just a skillet and pot like we usually eat out of.  Fancy pants, I know.

Moving on with the rest (or at least some more) of my goals for 2012:

5.  Read at least 12 books.  I love to read, and I go through seasons of life where I read a ton, and then I hit a dry spell (usually for lack of motivation to get to the library and/or totally overwhelmed by our massive bookshelf) where I don’t read anything other than Real Simple and Facebook updates.  I want to keep reading a regular part of my life, so that means at least one book per month this year.  January’s is already finished.  Watch for that post tomorrow.

6.  Don’t accumulate stuff.  I’m almost done going through all my stuff and getting rid of what I don’t really need/want to keep, so the goal is to not accumulate more.  If I buy a shirt, I’ll try to donate another shirt I don’t love anymore.  I just really don’t need more stuff.

7.  Become a Wastell.  That one got checked off before it even made it to the this list (it was on another not-yet-published-online list already).  My signature still needs work.

to be continued…

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