Things I’ve done

  1. Ordered black flats.  Check.  Also, some cute ruffled olive green flats wormed their way into my shopping cart somehow.  Go figure.  But I got them both for my $30 budget; thank you Target.
  2. Watched The Help.  More on that later.
  3. Bought frames and ordered prints for our dining room.  We had our awesome photographer take some artsy shots of the wine bar where we got our engagement pictures taken, so rather than having a lifesize picture of myself on our wall (awkward) I will have awesome memories of our engagement.  And pictures of wine.  Can’t go wrong there.  Pictures coming soon.
  4. Saw The Descendants with my friend Sonja.   Despite a seemingly perfect combo of native Omahan Alexander Payne and George, I liked the book better.
  5. Some laundry.  Some dishes.
  6. Figured out what the heck we’re eating for the next week or so, as listed below.  I’ve not had Doritos, but I have eaten mostly popcorn and random things out of the refrigerator while Chad’s been gone.
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken
  • A completely made up potato/italian sausage layered thing
  • Chicken & wild rice soup
  • Baked Pizza Ziti 
  • Chicken & Stuffing
  • Bolognese
  • MYO Tacos/Burritos  – having people over for lunch on Sunday

My love comes home tonight.  Three cheers!

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