Meal Planning Monday

Right after New Year’s, I somehow managed to spend $34 at Walmart on groceries, only I still don’t remember what I bought.   I mean, it must have been food.  But I hate feeling like I wasted over 10% of our monthly grocery budget and not knowing what I got for it.  Anyway, this unintentional yet self-imposed budget crunch has made things a little tighter this month.

I bought a bunch of groceries week before last, but eating out less means we go through meals at home faster, but I haven’t wanted to go grocery shopping and spend money, so I’ve tried to use what we have in the cupboards to make yummy meals.  (Yes, I realize this is a catch-22 that might require some overall budget rearranging.)  But with the addition of Samosas made with crescent rolls instead of phyllo and some cornbread taco bake, plus the addition of Chad traveling this week and next, I think we’ll be able to make budget for January.

But, since since it’s just me 3 nights this week and two next week,  I’m not doing any meal planning until Chad gets back.  We all know I’m happy to eat Doritos and orange sherbet and call it dinner.  Thank God I’ve been going to the gym.

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