Food, glorious food

First, a quick side note from last week’s dinners.  My Jerk Chicken was sadly quite unimpressive.  It was less “guy who dumped you for your best frenemy” and more “kid who sat next to the jerk in History class and tried to be cool.”   I’m pretty sure it was due to my wimpiness when it came to the habanero.  I went with a jalapeno instead, and it definitely didn’t pack as much heat.  It wasn’t bad, just…meh.

A big grocery trip on Friday evening filled the refrigerator with food for the next week+.  Side note:  I almost always make enough food for 1-2 full servings of leftovers.  Chad takes one for lunch the next day, and we have something to pull out of the refrigerator on a night when we need a quick (though not exciting) answer to “What’s for dinner?”

So Saturday for lunch we had balsamic pulled pork/pear/goat cheese/spinach flatbreads with pork I had in the freezer.  Amazing.  We’ll also be having Apricot chicken over rice (you know, the jam + Lipton soup + Russian dressing stuff? Mmmmm.); a Chicken Cordon Bleu pasta bake that will be made with Monterey jack cheese instead of Swiss and with the addition of bacon, because apparently my memory of what actually goes in Chicken Cordon Bleu is a little foggy, but hey, who doesn’t love more bacon?  I’m also making this amazing recipe-less stoup (tm Rachael Ray) with ground beef, black beans and red peppers, and oven-baked “fried” sesame chicken.

I also stocked up on various frozen veggies from Trader Joe’s.  Chad loves vegetables and is happy to eat the frozen kind for lunches.  I keep meaning to price-shop TJ’s vs Walmart for all my groceries, but frozen vegetables is about as far as I’ve gotten.  TJ’s has a much better variety than Walmart at similar prices, so I got edamame, roasted corn, soycatash, and some different stirfry blends.  Nom nom nom.

Total for this trip: $150. Trying to stay at $300/month for groceries.  Even the thrifty plan here allows for more but A) we eat out a decent amount and have a separate budget for that and B) we’re trying to live cheaply to pay off as much house debt as possible.

In other food related news, we have our Christmas date night scheduled for Friday at QConsumables.  I’m excited to try a new restaurant and even more excited that we have a Living Social Deal and a Visa gift card reserved for the night.  (Practically free date!)

Oh hey.  Update on Q.  They’re totally closed.  Sad day.  So…need a new place to go.  M’s maybe?  Don’t think Chad has ever been, and it’s one of my faves for sure.

2 thoughts on “Food, glorious food

  1. Sarah Burton

    Trader Joes has yummy fresh-not-frozen tortellini…tonite we had 1 pack w/cheese and 1 pack w/spinach, some smoked chicken sausage, peppers/onions/tomatoes in there. I came home from our baby shower with some leftover cream cheese-ish herb dip, so I used that with some milk and spices as a cream sauce. Tasty!

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