NYE of yore

When I was little, New Year’s Eve meant Mom set up the card table and red table cloth in the kitchen, Dad made little diapers out of Kleenex for table decorations (hey, baby New Year!), Sarah and I would be in charge of either A) games or B) helping in the kitchen, which meant rolling homemade egg rolls with Mom and making punch.  The Detrich clan knew how to live it up.

Since living in Omaha, I’ve celebrated NYE downtown with various people.

2006, my first year here, I celebrated with some friends at a place that no longer exists, and I don’t remember the name of it.  It was clearly a memorable year.  

2007:  Party hopping with Ranae.  Kate & Todd’s, then Lea’s.  We counted down many, many times.  And R and I took a kabillion pictures of ourselves.  Of course.

2008:  Girls night out.  Condo house party, then Urban Wine.  Andrea’s first NYE out of TV.  It was really cold, we had just discovered color select on our cameras, and we had a heck of a time getting a cab home.  Terry rescued us.  Thanks, T.

2009:  Grown up dinner party at Dre’s, then Goo at Slowdown. Lots of pre-dating flirting with Chad, if I remember.

2010:  We had a chill evening at Urban with Sharon & Ben Kohlmann, then stopped by NYE Around the World at Berry’s.  Confetti is forever.

2011:  will report after the fact.

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