Blogging Challenge

I’ve stalked blogs like Smitten Kitchen and Simply Breakfast for years, and while eating interesting breakfasts worthy of a pretty picture is a nice thing to dream about, getting a somewhat fast, mostly healthy, not-too-expensive meal on the table after a full day of work is the reality I actually want to need to work towards.

I’ve recently been inspired by $5 Dinners and this 100 days challenge, among countless other food blogs and Pinterest ideas, but I need some accountability and support along the way.  I want to do a better job of planning meals and cutting down on trips to the grocery store and our overall grocery budget (more on that later), plus try new recipes. So I’m doing this meal planning blogging challenge thing (it needs a name).

And you can join in the fun, if you want.

Here’s the idea, starting January 1:

I’ll plan meals for a week or ten days and blog about the menus.  I may or may not assign meals to specific days; we’ll see how it goes.  I’ll link to recipes where available, or at least list general ingredients (I rarely follow recipes exactly).

When I go grocery shopping for said meals, I’ll blog about it – how I did on sticking to the list, how much I spent, etc.  Maybe.

I’ll write a follow up post at the end of the week with what we actually ate when.  I may or may not take pictures of meals.  I do love my Instagram app.

And that’s it!  Sounds easy now – we’ll see how it goes.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge

  1. Sarah Burton

    I can play a little bit…might help me get my kitchen act together too. Here’s what we had for supper the last 3 nights, if anyone needs inspiration.

    Tuesday: Cornbread/ Mexican Hamburger & Beans & Tomatoes/ Cheese –Bake it!

    Wednesday: Chicken Baby/Frozen Veggie/Cream of Chicken Soup/Stuffing Casserole

    Thursday: Pork Tenderloin, Tator Tots, and Special Green Beans (cooked w/ sauteed onions & garlic, worchestershire, & bacon)

  2. Sarah Burton

    Dinner tonite: Veggie Fajitas… black bean veggie patties on tortillas with cheese, onions, red peppers & mushrooms. Nom nom nom.


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