making it home

The moving in, joining lives, becoming one process is just that – a process. It’s one that I’d like to have completed in about two point four seconds, but I can’t. My clothes live in their own closet (in our bedroom no less!) but the space isn’t really “done” yet, our (oh my goodness our friends & family are so generous) gifts have been unwrapped/sorted/put away/stashed in a corner, boxes are slowly getting unpacked, and thanks to some momentum created during a visit from my mom (okay, I’ll be honest; we had to call in the troops), my kitchen is a little place of peace.

Look! Clean, well organized drawers. Ziplock bags living together, all my bakery supplies stashed neatly in a drawer for the one day a year I need to use them:

Utensils happily nestled where they belong:

My coffee contained in a cute little basket on the counter:

Sometimes the little things have to count more than normal.

2 thoughts on “making it home

  1. Seester

    If you’re in marriage for the long haul, little things have to count more than normal on a regular basis. 🙂 I apparently need to have Mom come to my house for a little cleaning momentum!

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