Chad’s wedding speech

Several people have requested the text to Chad’s wedding speech…so here you go!

. . .

A few of you that have been around me know that sometimes I will confess things at what is, socially, a very unexpected or potentially inappropriate time. I believe I might have even developed a reputation for this propensity. A marriage changes you, but not that much.

I have a confession to make… this day is not about Anna and I; it is about you. As I have been thinking about what a wedding actually is, I have come to a realization: your wedding is the one time in your entire life that you can invite everyone that you love and they actually come from all corners of the world to see you.

Thank you for coming tonight; thank you for being a part of our lives; thank you for loving us and being loved by us; thank you for accepting our invitation to join us.

I have a confession to make… this day has been generations in the making. Words may understate the actuality of our gratitude to our grandparents, our parents, and our siblings. Simply, thank you.

I have a confession to make… I have been writing this speech for years. For as long as I can remember, I have been pondering this moment, this right now moment, and with all of the money, all of the time, all of the resources, and all of the planning, from multiple people and multiple families, I want to say, God has brought me here. I love Him and He has transformed my life and that He is the most important thing.

I have a confession to make… Anna, I have no idea how to be a husband, and I have no idea if I will be good at it, but I know I don’t want to try this adventure with anyone other than you. I was wrong when I repeatedly told you I would never date you; you have captured my heart, and here is that story.

When I was very young I told my mother that I would marry Anna Banana, and my life up until now has been a journey toward that prophecy. In my early dating career I dated girls that had names that began with L. As my journey continued, I bounced around in the first three letters of the alphabet, and there were times that I thought I had found the girl but I was always at least one letter off. Then I found you.

I did not know what I was saying when I was young. When we first started dating I wept because in you, God showed me an overwhelming amount of grace. I had and have done everything to not deserve you, and in that moment I was realizing how well and intricately well we fit together and that I couldn’t have imagined you or created you any better for myself if I had tried. I wept because of God‘s immense and lavishing grace in giving me a sojourning companion that I didn’t deserve and who is indescribably perfect for me.

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