Inspiration: Living Room

The husband/wife that lived in our house before us finished a lovely renovation on the kitchen including a 6-burner gas stove that is absolutely to die for and a warming drawer that serves nicely as a tupperware drawer.  They also painted the entire house a color that can only be described as pale seafoam green.  The dining room is a shade darker and our bedroom is a shade lighter.   It’s actually not too bad, and somehow manages to serve as a neutral in the house.  However, everytime I think about decorating, I hit a roadblock.  What actually goes with seafoam, anyway?

Turns out, a lot.  Coral, grey, yellow, red, teal, chocolate…  Thanks, Pinterest.

So I mocked up some ghetto-fab photoshop curtains and artwork in our living room with various colors, and Chad decided he liked red the best.  Here’s the blank-slate space we’re working with and some of the pieces I was inspired by.  And yes, that chair does have lime green and tiffany blue swirls in it.  It adds a unique twist all of its own.

Stay tuned for progress pics.

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