Happiness hangover

Getting married was so ridiculously amazing, but also totally exhausting. I think I underestimated how emotionally draining the week would be. Also totally exhausting? Putting the house together and figuring out where in the world we’re going to store everything. Chad’s Our house is amazing, but a bit short on storage space. Plus, we got a ton of amazing gifts, but we (admittedly, I) registered for a few things that we don’t really need. Or have room to store. So, like I told a girlfriend last week, I’ve had to have a couple of hard conversations with myself about things like a panini press.

The conversations went sort of like this.

Reasonable Adult Self: Anna. Seriously, how many times a year are you going to make a panini?
Likes Fancy Kitchen Stuff Self: Um, hello, sandwiches with stripes. How cute are they?RSS: Also, let’s talk about your severe lack of kitchen storage space. Where is that thing going to live? And wouldn’t you rather buy a new bath towel or three?
LFKSS: Sandwiches. With stripes.
RAS: [Rolls eyes]
LFKSS: Please?
RAS: No.

So the Panini Press got returned. Sorry, whoever bought that for us. We will indeed buy two point five bath towels with that money. Which is not nearly as fun but quite practical. Sad, grown up day.

Also, Starbucks mugs? I had…38. In pairs of two, of course, because evidently somewhere along my single-girl life, I thought I might marry a coffee drinker. I didn’t. I also didn’t marry a guy who understands things like addictions to Starbucks mugs. I kept 20, which was how many fit on the shelf in the cupboard, plus 8 various holiday mugs that will go in a box with holiday decorations. So goodbye earthy-looking but sort of lumpy mugs with coffee beans pressed into you. Goodbye awkwardly tall and semi-cute but refusing to stack green and pink mugs. Tear.

However, the bright colored oversized margarita/martini glasses (yes, hard to store and not the most practical thing on earth) that Ranae gave me? Those got to stay.

Sorting through my stuff and deciding which things fit into my new married life is way more emotional than I expected. I didn’t really plan on crying over coffee mugs. But, you know. Chad mostly just tries not to laugh at me, and offers hugs and help hauling stuff to the Goodwill pile. Good man.

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