Honeymoon Report: the long version

Everyday should be like a honeymoon day.

Stop 1: Portland, OR. Where we picked up our sweet Ford Focus rental, rescued Chad’s luggage from the deathgrip of DIA, had an amazing little rainy lunch on a sweet table cloth, took a glorious nap, had cocktails overlooking the city, found Matt & Christina for dinner, and took a picture of ourselves. And oh yeah, we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

Then we drove across Oregon. Well, Chad drove, I rode happily and took pictures out the window and occasionally accidentally of myself. It was grey and cloudy and a darn good day to bemoan the complexities of a state where you cannot pump your own gasoline.

Mountains, pretty colors, quirky small towns. And no one died of diphtheria. Win.

Stop 2: Crescent City + Klamath. Whoo! We’re in California. And yep, those are some tall trees. And that sunset sure was purty. Love that Pebble Beach.

We stayed at a Motel in Klamath, where the misty river meets the ocean. We also drove through a tree, which was less impressive than one might think.

Avenue of the Giants was as gorgeous as advertised. Thanks, PD. Drove on down the 101.

Stop 3: San Francisco. Big big bridge, bright bright sun.

Nummy date night at Nob Hill Grille followed by a morning exploring the city, including its crazy hills, marmelade for breakfast, boats, Fisherman’s Wharf, that one famous crooked street, more boats and warm kissy sunshine. I love him.

Then the love of my life drove me along Highway 1 while I held his hand (while he wasn’t confidently – and hotly – handling hairpin turns along a jagged mountain that would’ve scared me off the road) and dreamily watched the sun sink below the horizon just before we got to our destination for the night.

Stop 4: The random tiny town of San Simeon, home of The Morgan – a surprisingly cheap and nice boutique hotel – and bad food at another hotel’s restaurant.

Stop 5: Santa Barbara. I met Russ & June Michaelson while I was at LCC, and they graciously offered us their home during our stay in Santa Barbara, as they were in Guatemala for a wedding. Check out the ahhhhhhh-mazing backyard. Seriously, love.

We relaxed and walked and beached and read and napped and enjoyed honeymooning.

And we wined. Oh, we wined. I know very little about wine, really only what I’ve learned from Wine Club (it’s educational), so as long as I enjoy what I’m drinking, I don’t really care what it is. I know. I make the hearts of all you real wine drinkers out there very very sad. It’s okay.

Map in hand, off we went. First stop: Rusak. Second stop: somewhere I didn’t take a picture of. Kenneth Someone, I think? Third stop: Rancho Sisquoc, where we ate a yummy, yummy picnic (pictured below).

Fourth stop: Foxen, which is featured in Sideways, directed by Alexander Payne, who lives in the Paxton building in Omaha.

Fifth stop: Koehler. Hi, Tara! Hi, Jane!
What, like you’ve never made funny faces after a day of wine tasting?

And look! I even helped drive. And we got In-n-Out. They love Jesus. Just like the pretty Mission building in Santa Barbara.

And after 8 days and 1200+ miles, it was over. We had a great time, really. The trip was everything I’d hoped it would be.

See how happy we are?

2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Report: the long version

  1. Jane McIntyre

    So glad you had a great time! Love your descriptions, and the pics took me back to our honeymoon…ahh….thanks for that moment 🙂 Hope you are loving every moment of married life!

  2. Jennifer Dewey Rohrich

    Driving down Hwy 1 is like one of the best things ever! I love the California coastline. It’s an experience everyone should experience once in their life! Looks like an amazing trip! Love all the photos!


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