Or, as we like to call it, Moonderhoney.  Well, we booked it.  There were a few assumptions that went into moonderhoney planning.

  1. Had to be in the 48 contiguous states.  We had enough credits on Southwest for two round-trip domestic flights if we planned it right.
  2. Had to be somewhere that neither of us had really been before.
  3. Could be more than one location; could require driving.  I love riding in a car with Chad.  I’d go anywhere with him.
  4. Could be any kind of climate.  I’m a creamy pale white girl, so sitting on the beach, while it sounds amazing, really just means lots and lots of sunscreen, which isn’t all that fun in actuality.  I have cute coats and I do love wearing scarves.  So I was open for any climate.
  5. Had to end in Santa Barbara, CA.  One of Chad’s fraternity brothers suggested we check out SB as a honeymoon destination.  So I emailed some people I knew there from my time in Lithuania (small world) to see what we should see and do, and they offered us their house (and pool) while they are in Guatemala.  Santa Barbara moved to the top of the list rather quickly.

So last night, Woodchuck Fall in hand (YUM!), Chad booked our tickets.  We decided sort of last minute to fly into Portland, Oregon, since neither of us have been there before.  We’ll stay there for a night, rent a car, and over the course of 4 days, wind our way south – Choose Your Own Adventure style – to spend a few nights in Santa Barbara.  I hear it’s a scenic drive.

It’s also a 16+ hour drive, but hey,  we did Omaha to Winnipeg in 1.2 days in a blizzard on a closed interstate and enjoyed it, so we can handle this.  No problem.  And like I said, I’d go anywhere with him.

2 thoughts on “H-Moon

  1. Shannon Krueger

    How fun! You will have such a great time. It doesn’t matter where you go, just that you get to go together … and for the first time as a married couple!

  2. Gerri Keating

    Sound like lots of fun. See the community right below your final destination. That is Santa Clarita valley and that is where Michelle and her family live now. I love visiting there and could probably live there–ie if Marla and her family and Mike would also move there.


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