It seems fitting that one of Chad’s fraternity brothers would have sent us an awesome cooler on wheels for a wedding gift.  Thanks, Readler!  Also fitting is the gravy boat from one of his many aunts-or-cousins whom I don’t know well.  I need to brush up on my family tree. But now I feel like I can really be a married woman soon.  I mean, I own a gravy boat, people.  Clearly this is almost-official.

On a totally selfish and slightly princess-y note, getting gifts in the mail is SO much fun.  I’ve been prompt in getting thank yous out, but an extra big bloggy thank you to people who have sent stuff.  I love coming over to Chad’s and seeing a big box to open.  And I do mean big.  We got a grill pan in a box big enough for a small child’s bicycle.  Awesome.  I’m sure the trash man loves us and our boxes o’ packing paper.

37 days!

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