Go….Big…Red…Go Big Red!

The first fall I lived in Nebraska I thought the football craze here was, well, crazy.  I grew up cheering for K-State football and KU basketball, but truly caring about neither.  I watched exactly one Huskers game that fall with my roommate, wearing a red Turkey (the country, not the bird) shirt I bought in Frankfurt.

Year two, I realized that if I wanted to have anything to talk about with other people from August-December, it would behoove me to pay attention to the Huskers.  I became friends with a local sportscaster who patiently answered my “Ndomakong Who?” questions.  I bought a Nebraska shirt and cheered with the best of them, even during the rough times.

Now into year 5 of living in Omaha, I’m an unashamed Huskers fan.  Chad grew up here so cheering for Nebraska is in his blood (even though he went to Northwestern).  It’s fun, being part of something that’s really super important to a lot of people here.  Watching games with friends is fun.  Wings and beer taste better during Husker games.  Going to games is even more fun.  Runza for sure tastes better in Memorial Stadium than in any small town in Nebraska.

Which is why you should go to the Nebraska/Northwestern game on 11.5.11 – the day after our wedding.  We’ll be there.  Probably.  But you should be, definitely.

Side note: the picture below sadly cuts it off, but my shirt says Best Friends below the Corn & Butter.  Indeed.

Also, I should look at the camera when people are taking pictures of me, because that looks creepy.

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