I have “shiny when rinsed with vinegar” hair but also “grows very slowly” and “yep, it’s really that straight” hair, which is not always conducive to fancy hair-dos.  I’ve had bouts of hair envy of my friends with curly hair, who can do wonders with a hair tie and two bobby pins.

Ladies and gentlemen, Emily Becker to the rescue.

She’s really good at hair and makeup so I know she’ll make me feel super pretty and know how to attach my veil and all those important things.

Plus – BONUS – she’s the sister of a friend of ours (who just happens to be singing in our wedding). The Sisters Becker are a top notch duo at wedding receptions.  They always know all the words to songs and love to dance and are just a ton of fun.

Practice hair this Saturday!  Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “hair

  1. Shannon Krueger

    Uh, there are those of us with curly hair who would just kill to have straight hair. Just once. The kind that dries that way without a full-blown stage production to get it that way. Yeah. Just once. That’s all I’m asking. Tradesies? 🙂


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