I’ll move into Chad’s midtown-Omaha row house after the wedding.  Until then, I’m living at his parents house (that’s going fine; thanks for asking), since my roommate moved to Texas over Labor Day.  So that means we have the next…47? 48? days to get the house ready for me to move in.

I’ve been rearranging the kitchen some this past week.  I have apartment-style kitchen equipment (exactly 4 glasses, one 7″ sautee pan, an enviable Starbucks mug collection, etc.) and Chad has super nice pots and pans but total bachelor-style everything else (27 forks, none of which really match). Last weekend I sorted through all our sheets and towels and put them all in the appropriate linen closets.  I’ve slowly been breaking him into the idea of my clothes living in one of his closets.  The transition is a process.

This weekend, our pre-marriage “nesting” looked like Chad and our buddy Sam (and one of his buddies) finishing some landscaping/construction in the backyard.  The window wells for the basement bedrooms had been dug but never finished off, so that got tackled today.

I’m thankful for my strong, hard-working (future) husband who lets me spend the morning nestled on the couch watching Tangled (well-disguised as “cleaning out our Netflix queue”) and the afternoon watching the Huskers game at BWW with our friends while he worked in the yard.

He’s so good to me.

(To my credit, I did come home over halftime to make the boys snacks. I try to be a good (future) wife.)

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