Taking pictures

We are confident that the engagement pictures we took last night will turn out infinitely better than this on-the-way-there iPic I snapped below, in which Chad looks a bit like a pirate. But that is a pretty sweet sunflare, don’t you think?

We went from Janine’s studio in Dundee to its tree-lined streets to La Buvette (our first date) to some artsy Old Market back alleys. The evening got way more fun after we cracked open a bottle of vino at La B, and would have been even more enjoyable if it wouldn’t have been 95 with a heat index of 110 outside, but you do what you gotta do. And we gotta get our pictures taken.

Janine was great to work with, encouraged our flirtation and laughter and general silliness, and was a total trooper when we realized that I had locked Chad’s keys in the trunk. Whoops. She had a locksmith in her address book and waited with us until the girl showed up. On a motorcycle. It doesn’t get much awesome-er than that, really.

And I didn’t wear black.


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