My favorite color is black

That’s what I told my mom when I was in 4th grade. I think it scared her a little. Black wasn’t really a fashionable color for a 10 year old in an age of stacked neon socks and tight-rolled jeans. However, 20 years later, I still love it. I wear it, um, a lot. Black sets off my creamy pale whiteness nicely, I think. However however, it also blends in with picture backgrounds and hence I don’t know what to wear for engagement pictures. Which we get taken on Tuesday. Woot! Also, Ah!

I currently have 5 new shirts at home of varying sleeve lengths, textures and jewel tones. I like aspects of them all quite a bit. says I have to return at least 4 of them, but not before I hem and haw and have a fashion show each night in front of my mirror.

I’ll try to be brave with color, but If I show up in all our pics in an LBD, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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