Say cheese!

Can we please discuss how excited I am about our photographer?

I met with several photographers during the process and some of the meetings were just…bad. One was with the shop girl in the lobby, instead of the actual photographer. One was an out of touch guy who asked me what trends I had been seeing. Isn’t that your job?? One felt like an awkward blind date.

But then I met Janine.

I had walked past her Dundee studio a million times over my years there and I always loved the pictures hanging in her windows. Meeting her was like meeting a friend. After our hour together I wanted to invite her to my wedding, not only to take my pictures, but just to hang out. She’s just that cool. Also, I want her to take me shopping, because her skirt was to die for. So if I have to have someone hanging around as I get ready with my girls and snap all the funny and awkward and awesome and tender moments that will be the story of our wedding, I’m glad it’s her.

Plus she’s a great photographer. Win win.

You can find her at

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