When Anna Met Chad

My friend Andrea and I had been going to Christ Community Church for over a year.  We went almost every Sunday and enjoyed the services, then promptly left and enjoyed lunch on a patio somewhere, or a nice afternoon of yardwork.  We had our own friends, we were invested in a community of awesome people, we weren’t really looking to meet people.  One day in August 2009, Dre suggested we go to this thing at CCC called Group Link, a mix-and-mingle event for people who wanted to get into a small group Bible study to meet Journey Group leaders. Sounded a lot like speed dating to me.  I had been in various small groups in previous stages of life, and wasn’t totally sure I wanted to again at this point, but hey, what else was I going to do that Sunday evening?

So off we went to Journey Group Speed Dating where we ran into our friend Steve.  We met a few people who seemed nice enough (who later turned out to be Jay & Adam and Jenny & Megan), but Dre and I had pretty strict rules for the group we wanted to join – had to be mixed genders, and had to meet in midtown.  Preferably on a night when there wasn’t good TV on.  Then we met Sharon, who led a group with That Guy Over There which met on Sunday nights, just a mile from Andrea’s house, which had both guys and girls and it wasn’t a just-out-of-college group (another bonus).

So we went to the Journey Group led by Sharon and That Guy (Chad, not That Guy) and I actually kind of liked it.  I definitely didn’t expect that.  I also didn’t expect to be sending an email to Ranae just a few weeks later saying,

“…So I think I’ve got a crush on my Bible study leader.”

And for me, that was it.

Many, many frustrating conversations and tears later (see Chad’s story below) including lots of promises of “we will never date”, Chad finally asked me out in January 2010.  He then cancelled and rescheduled our first date (silly international work travel) and we finally went out to La Buvette on February 4.  We also went to a movie at Film Streams and both promptly fell asleep – too many late late nights the week before in the “I just can’t get enough of you” stage of the relationship.  We were bf/gf as of Super Bowl Sunday just a few days later.

And I still can’t get enough of him.  But now we try to get at least a little more sleep.

When Chad met Anna:

coming soon…

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