the party

Sarah Burton is my sister, my childhood playmate, my best friend.  I can’t imagine having a better MOH standing by me.  Sar, my Brother Bear Josh, and my crazy-awesome little niece Dalya, live in Raleigh.  They’re a great example of how to be a team.

Shannon Krueger and I have been besties since middle school.  Shannon helps Gro Master with some marketing projects and she and her husband Cody are quite possibly Chad’s favorite friends of mine.  Cody and Shan’s impending move back to DK Co. means that we’ll get to see them more when we are in KS.

Ranae Firchau was the original Chad in my life, thanks to the Alltel commercials circa 2007.  Ranae was one of my first good friends in Omaha, and our friendship has made it through her move to Chicago.  We share a love of pictures of the two of us and fun shoes.

Sharon Heckathorn and Chad have been friends for almost 5 years; she was Chad’s co-leader in the JG that I joined back in August 2009.  She graciously endured the early months of awkward “What’s happening here?” between Chad and me, and I know there are extra crowns in heaven waiting for her for it!  Her friendship is a rock in both Chad’s and my life and we love her dearly.

Andy Bilhorn was Chad’s Greek IV staff worker during college and was a significant part of Chad’s early spiritual growth.  They challenge and encourage and have a deep respect and accountability with one another.  I met Andy my first week at JG when he was visiting Chad, and have shared good conversations with him over Giordano’s and other great Chicago restaurants.

Blaine Wastell is Chad’s older brother.  Blaine is 19 years older than Chad (his sister Andrea is 19 months older than Blaine) but they have a level of relationship and enjoyment of each other that makes them seem just a few years apart.  Blaine and his wife Ellen and their 3 kids live in Seattle; we spent Christmas with them this year.  Blaine is the member of our wedding party most likely to cry while giving a speech.

Ben Kohlmann was Chad’s fraternity brother at Northwestern University.  Ben is probably the person we know who is the most likely to be President someday.  He is a Navy pilot and looks mighty good in a uniform.  Ben is stationed in California and lives with his brother Matt, Chad’s Sig Ep pledge kid, also a Navy pilot.  Matt will be one of our ushers.

Terry Huang is my old poker buddy, and he and Chad have developed a strong friendship over the past year.  Terry, an ansesthesiologist, has become our personal trainer, sending us encouraging “See you at the gym?” texts.  He was the only person other than Chad’s parents who knew he had the ring before he proposed.

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